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Since becoming a pilot dealership for Ranger Tugs, we’ve seen some increased traffic as we parked our Ranger 21EC at the end of our lot! A stunning boat in Hero Red, our Ranger 21EC Luxury is equipped with heat, A/C, Garmin 7 series navigation, pump out head, refrigerator, cooktop and so much more. The Ranger Tugs are ultimately unique and pack a big punch for amenities, fit and finish. The woodwork, gelcoat finish and hardware installation on these boats is second to none…and that’s what you get from a boat company that builds less than 100 boats a year!

Everyone believes that the Ranger 21EC is the cutest boat on the water. My initial thought when I was launching it for the first time was, “I wonder if I can deal with the slow speed…” After my wife and I got through the Moose River channel into the lake, we rolled onto the throttle and hit a top speed of 9.85MPH! Yes, that’s less than 10MPH, and that’s all it had. However, after about 15 minutes, I really felt myself starting to relax and “look around” a little bit. The only other time I’ve ever been able to completely relax during the summer season is when my wife and I would take our RV and disappear for a few days, mainly because it forced me to relax. The Ranger 21EC gave me that feeling in under 20 minutes and that’s when I figured it out…

With the Ranger Tugs, we aren’t just selling another boat, we’re selling a lifestyle! Some folks do balk at the low speed, however the R23 and R27 are planing hulls that will surpass the 30 mark with ease, and the 25/27/29/31 will run between 18 and 22. I grew up on Moosehead and I had my first boat when I was 8 years old…after running this lake for over 20 years and currently owning a 50MPH twin-engine boat, I still enjoy it very much but I often don’t have time to really push the pause button. But, to be on a Ranger Tug cruising at 6MPH, music playing, my wife taking photos and folks waving as we roll by, I realized that the Ranger is much more special than I thought. That boat made me stop, look around and appreciate what we really have to offer around here. I encourage all of you to stop by and check out the Ranger 21EC, we’re here to serve you and show you the best of what Moosehead has to offer!