Making the most of family time.

Weather: 80+, mostly sunny, a bit humid…the quintessential Moosehead day!

I was made aware a few days ago that my cousins from FL were on their way north to Maine for a visit! My cousin Hannah, her husband Andrew and their children Maddie, Riley, Teagan and Astoria arrived in Greenville on Monday after a long ride up in the Sienna minivan, and have been staying at a lakeside cabin just up the road from my grandparents. My grandfather, Dick Ross, has had a few health issues for the past six months or so, so it was very important for them to make it up. Mainly, they’re heading off to Japan where Andrew will be stationed for three years in January. Until today, I’d never met Andrew, Teagan or Astoria…

My grandfather was able to make an early break from the hospital today, didn’t leave Augusta until 1pm and made it back in time to jump onto the Premier 250 Intrigue with Hannah and company, plus my wife and my mother. I’d spoken with him a few times a day and he was so excited to get out on the water. I will be the first to admit that I have let my busy life get in the way of things that should remain more important than they have…I believe a lot of us do this, but I never envisioned doing that myself. It was very important to me to get him out there, and we did that today.

We left the marina with four kids and seven adults on board the Intrigue and headed for the backside of Mt. Kineo, which is halfway up the east side of Moosehead Lake. I believe that everyone on a boat needs to experience the cliffs plunging into the water, with the top of the cliff hanging out over your boat as you idle close to shore. It was a must-see for Hannah and family, and it’d been decades since my grandparents had seen it. We idled around, took many photos, let the kids drive and eventually made it over to Pebble Beach. The kids (and Hannah) all got a piece of the rope swing, skipped some rocks and splashed around a bit. Gramp relaxed on the boat and watched it all pass by, while my wife sat back and hung out with my mother and grandmother.

Hannah and Andrew’s children are absolutely marvelous, with completely different personalities that cause each of them to shine in their own light (in a fantastic way). Like their parents, they’re wonderfully social and really down-to-earth…I feel blessed to have spent the afternoon with them today.

The Premier was the perfect choice for today’s journey, as it provided plenty of space for 11 people to comfortably spread out, and it is extremely easy to move on and off when the time comes. Ours has the PTX Performance package with a Yamaha 250 V-Max out back…it effortlessly got us cruising from the mid 20’s to 40mph with ease. These are just some of the reasons why we sell pontoons 8 to 1 versus V-bottom boats. It’s all about new experiences and new ideas, casting the norm (not completely) aside and opening up to a refreshing style of boating!